Vegan Chilli Cheese Nachos

I realise the picture isn’t terribly attractive, but in my defence it isn’t the easiest task to take an attractive picture of a mound of nachos. Perhaps my unjustifiable confidence in my alleged photography skills got the better of me. Regardless, the nachos did taste pretty good. I used my five bean chilli recipe, I won’t write that out again as I’ve already written it up here. I made the nacho cheese sauce using the following;

  1. Two tablespoons of nutritional yeast
  2. One teaspoon of dijon mustard
  3. One quarter of a teaspoon of garlic powder
  4. One teaspoon of smoked paprika
  5. Half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or to taste)
  6. 20g/0.7oz vegan parmesan cheese
  7. 75g/2.5oz vegan cheese (I used violife’s cheddar flavour)
  8. 300ml/10fl.oz non-dairy unsweetened milk
  9. Two tablespoons of plain flour
  10. Two tablespoons of oil
  11. Salt and black pepper to taste

Heat the oil in a pan over medium heat and sprinkle in the flour. Whisk for a couple of minutes to ensure that there’s no taste of the flour in the final sauce. Add the non-dairy milk, a little at a time whisking constantly. Once it’s all incorporated add in the rest of the ingredients.

The sauce is ready when it has thickened and all of the cheese is melted. Then just spoon it onto the chilli and nachos. You could also have this in tacos, burritos or simply as a dip.

I’ve discovered with vegan cheese that you’ll likely have a hard time finding something that is EXACTLY 100% like dairy cheese. When I say dairy cheese, I mean cheese like I used to eat, mature cheddar. You can however get vegan cheese that’s pretty close to American style cheese. But as long as you’re flexible and find cheese-esque-but-still-really-tasty-in-their-own-way things to be sufficient, then you should be okay.

As a final note I’ll quickly mention that I served this on BBQ Doritos, it’s really quite interesting how many accidentally vegan foods there are lurking in plain sight.

Bye for now 🙂


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